About the Author

The author born in Oak Park, Illinois 1959, moving one year later to Maywood, IL where Mrs. Michael Lynch taught second oldest brother Larry, and eldest Gene the game of chess.  The two played avidly and one day in a grocery store she asked Gene if he wanted a book on chess with pointers, strategy. In the summers 1965 and 66, the family resided in Urbana, IL so dad could attend university to expand his masters of education degree for high school math teaching.  It was there that Gene expressed a pointed intellectual interest in chess, studying regularly and doing such as covering the next moves in GM games while contemplating it.  In 1967 he attended Fenwick hs and played 2nd board to the Catholic League’s best player.  In 1970 Gene was generally acknowledged as the Chicago area’s top player.

Thomas was the 1972 and 1973 elementary school champion, the family returning to nw Oak Park in 1967.  He played in the 1972 US Open at the LaSalle hotel in Chicago loop and went 4 and 8 while being ahead after opening in most games because of careful opening prep.

For work did mostly hotel/restaurant hourly wage jobs and in 1998 began receiving social security and is still of disabled status.  The 2016 move to Los Angeles was made because business didn’t pan out back east.  One ‘discovery’ after another has been made in chess since launching 2002 USCF membership/research/computer chess work on openings.  The game has been looked at upside down and backwards and the insights relate to all areas of it.  Reliance has been placed on Mr. Lilov to keep the site respectable and sporadic outpourings of opinions to a minimum.  In 2016 otb chess has been played in coffee shops, parks, with 2017 hoping to be when tournament chess phase begins.  In this context photos plan to be made available.