The Opening Database

Why is Chess Databook so special?

The Chess Databook 2015 presents a collection of important positions and analyses in the format of database and opening book. It's content is unique as it provides the best lines to play in response to your opponent's most common moves.

Extremely important game
Schallplatte vs Pirc8 (2/13/2017)
New games
Pirc Defense 3)Bd3 g6 4)f4///Rook play:Ending

What is Chess Databook 2015?

The secret to utilizing database openings is to regard each individually in its own experience when playing.  Knowledge, data, information and experience herein can only benefit players attempting to do this. The secret of Chess Databook 2015 is within the number of typical positions and major plans presented in a detailed fashion. The suggested repertoire (Pirc, 1...f5 and Benko 1.g3) are the perfect set of openings for any improving player.

The database is available in a few different formats (Aquarium, PGN, ChessBase and CTG). Each of the versions provide the following features:

More than 9000 positions, so you can analyse any possible position in a given opening!

Only the best moves for the suggested openings, so you can study the most important!

Especially convenient for analysis and training on the typical positions for both sides.

Precise analysis on the key openings checked by the best chess engines in the world!